CAT Scanning

To aid in diagnosing and treating problems, we have a Siemens Smile CAT Scanner in our office.  A CAT scan utilizes x-rays to construct images of the body in slices.  In the field of ear, nose & throat, the CAT scan is especially helpful in caring for sinus disease, diseases of the ears, and in some neck problems.  Having the scanner in our office significantly increases your convenience and reduces delay in reaching a diagnosis and being able to start treatment.

A cutting edge application of the CAT scan is in image guidance surgery.  On our scanner, a fine cut CAT scan can be performed of the sinuses and utilized during sinus surgery to show the surgeon where the end of his or her instruments are during the procedure.  This can be especially helpful in severe polypoid sinusitis, when previous surgery has been performed, and in difficult locations in the sinuses.  While image guidance does not replace a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the sinuses, it does add another layer of safety to limit risks.

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